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From YCAT: East West Link Comprehensive Impact Statement Submission
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[edit] From Linking Melbourne Authority

An independent Assessment Committee (or Panel) has been appointed by the Minister for Planning to assess the East West Link Comprehensive Impact Statement (CIS). This group is completely separate to Linking Melbourne Authority and all matters relating to the Assessment Committee and submissions must be directed to Planning Panels Victoria.

The public is invited to comment in writing until 5.00pm 12 December 2013. Submissions can be addressed to:

Chair, East West Link

Assessment Committee Planning Panels Victoria Level 5, 1 Spring Street Melbourne VIC 3000

or email (with cover sheet attached) to

Submissions will be treated as public documents and published on the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure website. If you consider that your submission contains confidential information, you should state this when making the submission.

[edit] Do submissions need to follow a set format?

There is no set format for submissions, and they can be as long or short as you like. There are some specific requirements:

Your submission must be about the East West Link.

Your submission must include a submission coversheet.

You must include your name and postal address. If a submission is made by two or more people it must state the name and address of the person who would represent you in a preliminary hearing or a formal public hearing and be the contact person.

State the grounds of the submission. It must be within the scope of the Terms of Reference for the Assessment Committee.

What if I have specific questions about making a submission or need guidance?

Questions relating to the Assessment Committee and submissions should be directed to Planning Panels Victoria on 9223 5308. There will also be a representative from Planning Panels Victoria at the public information displays in mid-November.

What happens next?

If you make a submission you may be contacted by the Assessment Committee to discuss it or seek further information. The Assessment Committee will conduct a public hearing and provide recommendations to the Minister for Planning.

There will be a preliminary hearing in January 2014 and a formal public hearing in March 2014.

[edit] Some Notes

1. The panel may consider two or more submissions together if the submissions concern the same land or the same or a related matter. So people who copy pro forma submissions may not get an opportunity to be heard, although their submission is still considered valid.

2. Where the cover sheet asks 'Do you wish to be heard at the Public Hearing?', tick Yes and allow enough time unless you are sure you don't wish to attend.

3. The Panel's job is to report and make recommendations to the Planning Minister as to whether or not to grant any applicable approval that is required for the project and the conditions (if any) of such approval.

4. The Panel may inquire into and inform itself in relation to any matter in any manner it sees fit.

5. The Panel may take into account any matter it thinks relevant in making an assessment committee recommendation, subject to any directions given to it by the Planning Minister.

Source: The Major Transport Projects Facilitation Act 2009, Part 8 s.227