Scoping Directions

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[edit] How has the Government tried to shut down debate on the road project

The Scoping Directions are part of a concerted strategy to force the project through the assessment criteria with out a proper analysis or debate.

Impact statement not required to assess impact 8 November 2013

[edit] New laws to silence road project critics

From The Age, August 5, 2013

Planning Minister Matthew Guy is set to gain powers to silence debate over the east-west road at public meetings as the state government ramps up efforts to lock in the controversial project before the 2014 state electio

The Napthine government says the new laws - likely to be introduced to Parliament this month - are needed to cut procedural delays and red tape for the east-west link and other transport projects, with Transport Minister Terry Mulder declaring the quicker they are delivered, the quicker Victorians and Victorian businesses will see the benefits.

But the changes, outlined in a Department of Transport briefing document obtained by The Age, could prove controversial.

Although the state government is obliged to consult, for the first time the Planning Minister will gain legal powers to confine the matters under consideration at public hearings. The change has raised the possibility that debate on aspects of the project could be shut down if it does not comply with the government's agenda.

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[edit] Reference Documents

On 27 May 2013, the Minister for Planning published Scoping Directions for the CIS, which set out the range of matters that are to be addressed in the CIS. Scoping Directions