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[edit] Submission to Comprehensive Impact Statement Consultation

Correction to attribution - This was prepared by The Greens.

[edit] East West Link

I wish to make a submission regarding the East West Link (EW Link) – Comprehensive Impact Statement (CIS) I make this submission in relation to a number of grounds including, but not restricted to, the impact of the EW Link project on traffic performance and public transport and on the immediate environs and inner city communities.

1. The proposed EW Link will have detrimental impacts on Melbourne’s liveability and its future as a city based on sustainable public transport. These impacts have not been adequately addressed by the C.I.S.

2. The traffic data supporting the project is contested. It contradicts VicRoads data which shows long term traffic decline on Alexandra Ave. The traffic data from the 2008 Eddington Study showed more than 60% of traffic was heading to the CBD and inner city, not west. There is no complete traffic modelling data provided to support this project in the CIS.

3. A toll road inevitably results in toll avoidance which will lead to rat-running in local suburbs of Ascot Vale, Collingwood, Fitzroy, Flemington, Kensington, North and West Melbourne, Moonee Ponds and Parkville.

4. Connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists will be impeded by the environment created by flyovers, and increased number of traffic lanes at Hoddle St and Flemington Rd.

5. The increased space and priority devoted in this project to motor vehicle traffic is contrary to sustainable transport practices and the direction of most modern cities across the world. A liveable city prioritises investment in public transport, not tollways in the middle of a city.

6. The impacts on residences and businesses which will face flyovers and new freeway routes, with greatly reduced amenity and without compensation, have not been addressed.

7. The visual impact of widened roads, tunnel exits and flyovers on Royal Park is unacceptable, as is their impact on State institutions within the Park, namely the Melbourne Zoo; the State Netball and Hockey Centre; and the Urban Camp.

8. The view and prominence of the historic shot tower on Alexandra Parade will be impeded by the flyover and by the nearby tunnel pollution vent stack.

9. The large scale removal of mature trees and the removal of wetlands and open space in Royal Park, on the Merri Creek and from parks along CityLink, are unacceptable in terms of destruction of native vegetation, habitat and biodiversity loss. The loss of sports grounds and recreation space will have a negative impact on community health and wellbeing across inner Melbourne.

10. The toll road will encourage increased car use and, therefore, increase global warming pollution.

In addition I wish to make further points (See attached):





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